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An alcohol-free spray formulated with coconut oil, natural hemp extract rich in CBD, and peppermint essential oil, lightly sweetened with stevia. 100% natural ingredients, refreshing taste, good CBD dosage - 1500mg,  convenient jar format



Fractionated coconut oil, natural CBD extracted from hemp, peppermint essential oil, powdered stevia extract.


Our CBD oil is a powerful and pure blend of 99% CBD extracted from cannabis plants. It is one of the most intense CBD oils available, with a high concentration of cannabidiol.


We take pride in the quality of our product, which is guaranteed to be free of GMOs and heavy metals. Our CBD oil is made from organic industrial hemp, carefully chosen for its varieties and cultivated in England according to organic farming standards.


It offers a full spectrum of effects, as it contains terpenes and other cannabinoids like CBG. It's important to consider this concentration and the user's weight when determining dosage. Our CBD oil should be used responsibly by adults. Keep in mind that it is sensitive to light and heat, so store it in a cool, dry place to maintain its quality and effectiveness.


Discover the enchanting world of our oil. Immerse yourself in this fascinating universe of cannabis and CBD with our exceptional 3112CBD Oil, containing  broad spectrum, and enhance your well-being.


Benefits of 3112CBD oil:

  1. Power: Enjoy guaranteed relaxation.
  2. Effects: Experience a marked balance, conducive to relaxation while remaining lucid.


What is 3112CBD oil?

This component acts on the nervous and immune systems without major psychotropic effects like THC.


It is renowned for its anti-inflammatory properties and positive effects on mental health, offering numerous benefits without the psychoactive effects of THC. Our 3112CBD oil invites you on a fascinating journey into the world of cannabidiol, offering an advantageous alternative to traditional CBD with its amplified characteristics and effects.


Enjoy our oil in your own way:


Sublingual: Place a few drops under the tongue for quick absorption and immediate well-being.


Travel towards well-being with our 3112CBD oil: Discover a peaceful sense of well-being with our 3112CBD oil.


Its deeply-rooted DNA and exclusive composition make it a perfect ally in your quest for inner balance. Indulge in this natural gem to enhance your relaxation and creativity.

3112CBD Spray Oil

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